Ben Osroosh
Graphic/Motion Designer
Hi there.
My name is Ben (Behnam). I help companies represent their intended brand personality through strong visual identity which can extend across print, digital and environment.

I also make every story attractive by creating lovely stop motion commercials for social media like YouTube, facebook and Instagram.

My integrated arts and engineering background results in excellent project synthesis and analysis, as well as effortless collaboration with designers and cross functional teams.

I never box myself into my comfort zone. I believe great work needs constant broadening of mind horizons and expanding skill sets. So, I value my passion in woodworking, jewelry making, travel and biking which have always helped me come up with fresh ideas and solutions at work.
I live in Culver City, California. Please contact me at:
+1 818 650 7772
Behnam Osroosh Graphic Design

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Behnam Osroosh