Behnam Osroosh
Graphic Designer
Hand craft based ads for the capital market
On this Project
work process from 2D nets to 3D paper crafted objects
photo-shoot backstage
ads for Bourse publications
stock market simulator website
department of education ads
The challenge in this campaign was to introduce different products and services of an organization while creating some kind of unity among them. The message should be delivered in a friendly and easy accessing atmosphere. So, some paper cut and handwork turned to be the main concept of the solution.
These are the main aspects of project I worked on:
Developing the concept to use handcraft paper-made objects
Create nets out of 2D Logos and objects to form 3D elements by folding them
Cut, glue and make all objects out of colored cardboard
Setting up the photo-shoot
Art directed the photo-shoot
Layout and composition the final outcome
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