Behnam Osroosh
Graphic Designer
Rampco Group Visual Identity
On this project:
Logo redesign
poster; visualizing company work fields
corporate identity
general catalog
exhibition design
brand identity design process and guidelines

Rampco Catalogue

Rampco Exhibition Booth Wall

RAMPCO’s booth wall in 19th Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical exhibition was designed on the same basis as the catalogue and stationary were. Each triangle was cut out of MDF and fixed to the back wall, so the picture slices makes a mixed image reflecting various fields of RAMPCO activities.

Design Process and Guidelines

We give the logo its new look by changing some details and sizing. The overall look remains the same, but it feels updated and renewed.
Small changes in details, makes big changes in the look. Making more negative space in logo, a more realistic wrench form, and a better organization inside helped to shape the new look.
We changed the main font to Helvetica, to get a more engineering feel. Also the color pallet was retouched.
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