Behnam Osroosh
Graphic Designer
Securities & exchange organization information services Visual Identity
My Attitude
Both in results and procedure, passion and skill will lead to a lovely and professional outcome. Reflecting the brand characteristics and messages in a creative and efficient way has always been my challenge to build up the final work.
SIDSCO is one of Iran’s securities and exchange organization affiliated companies that offers variety of services to develop investment culture. The brand voice is for the public; easy understanding and attractive. The challenge started from redesigning the logo, and then goes to making different sub-brands for different services. All of them share a same atmosphere while having some different characteristics.

First Things First; Retouching the Logo

SIDSCO old logo looks out dated and unhealthy. But the company strategies was on keeping the same logo and letting just some manipulation.
Some sort of small changes was applied to the logo, in order to make a new retouched and rationalized feeling. Meanwhile it got optimized for printing in small sizes.
Company name font was renewed by choosing an official typeface instead of traditional calligraphy. Then, a three color palate was chosen. Two main colors for the logo, and one funnier accent which would be used in further designs.

Sidsco Brand Elements

SIDSCO signage

Services Brochures

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