Behnam Osroosh
Creative Designer
My Services
I design every visual element which your customers and employers see from your company. It forms the way they feel about you, your services and your products. This may include the way you write or symbolize your company’s name, which they call it a LOGO, or how you give information to them i.e. Brochures or your website interface.
So, this is what I do in marketing terms;

visual brand identity design

It includes graphic design services like:
Logo design and re-design
Corporate Identity (letterhead, business cards, folders …)
Printed and digital brochures and catalogues
Website graphics (UI) and UX design
Exhibition and advertising posters
Banners and stands
Packaging design
If you already know what it really speaks about, pass the next few paragraphs, take your phone and contact me. But if you are hearing about brands everywhere and you like to learn what it actually is and how we can help you with that, read on.

What is a Brand?

Brand is what a person feels inside the heart about a person, a company, a service or a product. It is a heart feeling, because it is you that makes the brand about something. So what is the role of a company or product, if you are making the brand? The answer is, they form everything in a way that makes you feel as they like. For example, if a company wants you to feel luxury about their products, they will make some kind of design and material which as you looks at it, you will say “wow, what a pricy luxurious product”!

In other words, companies make the tangible part of brand, like what it can be touched, seen, smelled or heard, and then, they leave it to you to make the brand inside you about that product or service. If you feel that you like it, you will buy it. If it makes you feel you don’t like it, you will leave and will find some other products which you love.
This is what you should exactly do about your business. To make something when people fronts that, it make them love that. So they will make a good brand about your company inside their heart, and will always love to buy your products and services. If we believe “we love what we see”, then the most important part of brand making, is to make the company’s visual identity in the best manner. This is what we are expertise at.
Designing Brand Identity
Designing visual brand identity, includes designing a Logo, or redesigning and renewing the old one. Making some visual elements that can be expanded all over visual materials. Both the graphics and concepts should support that good feeling we like the customer has about us. Corporate identity, company’s building signage, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, online materials like website, apps, digital presentations, all and all should follow the same trend in concept and graphics to form the brand.
Redesigning Brand Identity
If you would like to know what I am capable to do for your business and for getting more information, leave me a massage now. I will contact you as soon as possible.
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If you are working as a brand strategist, or you own an IT or internet marketing company, then you may need to outsource your design tasks. As creating a professional visual identity is a lot more complicated than playing with Photoshop or manipulating stock graphics, it is so economical to cooperate with a creative and brand agency. I am welcome any B2B and in-project cooperation. If you are also interested, please feel free to contact me.
B2B cooperation in designing brand identity