DFMoCo Powered Controller for Dragonframe

Dragonframe DF Moco powered controller for stop motion shoot-move-shoot motion control rigs with up to 3 stepper motors.

  • Designed to use with Dragonframe software (Dragonframe software license not included)
  • Move-shoot-move stepper motor interface with power and drivers
  • USB connection to the computer
  • 4 powered outputs for bipolar stepper motors (Up to 1.5 Amps each motor)
  • Silent and smooth motor movements using high-end stepper motor drivers
  • Easy access to the drivers for current adjustment and driver replacement
  • Standard DIY connectors for compatibility with stepper motors available on the market
  • RJ45 connector for easy connection to Moco Toolbox XY motorized winder rig
  • Built-in cooling fan for long-hours operation