One Look is Worth A Thousand Words.

Stand out, not just big

All businesses need to be remembered, and most of them believe if their website address or phone number comes large enough in an ad, it will guaranty that they will be remembered by customers. Or they may think their moto is the most important part that can have them on customer’s brain among all the other competitors. Is it the way it works?
Graphic design is all about finding solutions to efficiently communicate with the audience. There is always a particular message which should be delivered in the best way possible. This kind of message is not necessarily a verbal message. However, it can be some kind of feelings which are intended to be delivered. So, in printed or digital graphics, not only words speak, but also all the visual elements and qualities of work talk to the audience.
It is the shapes, colors, pictures, texts and fonts, size of a single thing, whether it is big or small, and how they are all gathered together that forms the message of the final work. One may feel exited while they look at a graphic and that “excitement thing” is the message which is made up by all elements in work. It is not just for example the phone number or website address that should be delivered to the audience. The feeling combined with it is also of importance.
In many ways, feelings ARE the most important impression that a single work can make. It is because, specific reactions in us, are triggered by how we feel about something. If we want to be remembered by our customers, we should make good feelings in their heart, not just bold messages in their head. And of course, the way things are designed have a great impact of how they feel.
This is the point. It is not only the owner of a campaign who should like the graphics. Thing are more complicated and need professional affairs. THEY should love it, to remember it, and to make an action according to it. It is how graphic design could help a business to stand out and go forwards to success.